Hello all,

I will be taking about preventative measures against hearing loss or further hearing loss, this may seem tedious but it is imperative that it should be mentioned and covered. These preventative measures are;

The first one is obvious but its something that we overlook daily which is don’t have the TV, music, or radio on too loud.

Wear headphones or ear protection equipment to block outside noise or in concert .

Take regular breaks from exposure to loud environment, for example at concerts, they have break rooms/quiet room whereby you can relax there for a duration before you get back into action.

Another is cleaning the ear, this is what we also take for granted, and we assume that using the cotton sticks would not damage the ear but it can. It does it by pushing the ear wax further down the ear canal or in rare cases the cotton can get stuck in the canal. If you want to clean your ears then use olive oil as it will soften and dislodge the wax itself and it will flow out. Or go to the doctors to remove it.

The warning signs of damage to the hearing are; fullness in the ear similarly to the sound when the altitude change and the air in your ears does not pop, it has the same sound. Another is tinnitus, which is a ringing noise in your ear and no one else can hear but you, for example if you stand near an explosion or suffer traumatic head injury.

Job occupation that may cause hearing loss are; farmer, transportation workers, military personnel, musicians, construction workers and generally a job which involves dealing with prolonged exposure to loud music or dealing with loud environment in general.

As a deaf person I too try to protect my hearing. I try my best to avoid loud environment which could further damage my hearing loss because if I damage my hearing further then my hearing will become profound thus I cannot hear with hearing aids at all and I will need to seek alternatives to hear again.

Thanks and I’ll see you next week