Hello all,

This blog will be about deafness, hearing aids and other related information. It’s almost like a guide for those who are born deaf or due to unfortunate situations that turned deaf or even those that are interested in learning about deafness in general. I will give an insight into an average deaf life, how I would handle situations that involves deafness, I give a guide on hearing aids i.e. care, wear, and equipment to use and etc., I will talk about how to sign language, common causes of hearing loss and more.

I am deaf, a hearing aid wearer for 20 years. My deafness is severe bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, I will explain more about the levels of hearing loss and the types of hearing loss later.  I am able to speak clearly and I rarely use sign language and sometimes I rely on lip-reading even with hearing aids on. I guess you could say I am an unprofessional deaf expert only with poor grammar.

I will post every Sunday.

Thank you